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Sweepstakes Administration

Together with our client, we develop, manage, judge, and fulfill an extensive selection of sweepstakes promotions. Our Sweepstakes Administration services include rules and fulfillment for both United States and Canadian Sweepstakes. Whether you need rules or the complete package - our sweepstakes adminstrators can handle the task!

Our goal is to provide creative solutions and well-rounded strategies to maximize exposure and gain consumer attention.


We Make Sweepstakes Happen

Our sweepstakes administration includes all facets of sweepstakes from concept, to rules, social media implementation, website development & integration and data management & reporting.

Social Media Sweepstakes

Online Sweepstakes

Loyalty Card Sweepstakes

In-Store Sweepstakes

Recipe and Cooking Contests

Prize Fullfillment

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Relationship Marketing

Starting with programs like the Campbell's Labels for Education program, we've been helping companies connect with thier customers, drive sales and build brand awareness for decades. Bringing new life to these programs through digital marketing, social media and online tools and resources along with our vast experience allows us to work with you to build that relationship with your customers and focus on the issues that they will be most responsive to - whether that be animals, children or their own families.

Relationship Marketing
Highly Creative Solutions

Relationship Marketing Helps To Grow Your Business

Universal Promotions Inc. is a leader in developing, implementing and managing loyalty and customer incentive programs. Each program provides our clients' customers with additional rewards or incentives for shopping at a participating store or purchasing specific brands. Specializing in Cause Marketing these programs are very successful and have created competitive advantages in saturated markets, enhanced brand awareness, increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is looking for content. Some content is better than others, but in the end, what we need here is some kind of content describing what Digital Marketing is and how Universal Promotions performs said Digital Marketing.

Relationship Marketing
What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Is the Fastest Way to Communicate

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Our Services

A vertically integrated company with everything under one roof. All done by a capable team ready to get your job done.


Data Management

Digital without data might as well not be digital.

Whether capturing web data for consumer sweepstakes or rewarding customers for their purchases - you need to know when, who & how much. We have the resources to manage the backend of your promotion.


Procurement & Fulfillment

From Sourcing to Shipping - we do it all.

Whether your promotion needs grills, adirondack chairs or gift cards - we can source and ship to anywhere in the US and Canada.


Call Center

Pick Up the Phone - Give us a call, or chat!

Our friendly and professional call & chat center staff interacts with customers, providing them with the information they need, processing requests and answering questions.

ShopRite for Education

One of our premium cause marketing products is the Education program. The program is completely customizeable for your supermarket: Program name, website, who can and how they can participate - it's all up to you!

Here's a brief video discussing some of the benefits of the ShopRite for Education program.

#CauseMarketing #RelationshipMarketing #SchoolProgram

Our Work

Below are more examples of Sweepstakes, Marketing and
Digital promotions we're working on.

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Our Team

Universal Promotions is a boutique agency that specializes in creating, enhancing and strengthening relationships between brands and their customers. Our promotions and digital campaigns start with us understanding your customers’ interests and brand expectations. Then, we develop a promotion that bridges the gap in a unique and exciting way.

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Business Development

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